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Big Red Floor Jacks

This is a much-loved model, as it is easy to use and offers excellent performance.

These models can lift the car higher off the floor.

Big Red Bottle Jack

A bottle jack also uses concentric cylinders and the hydraulic pressure to work.

This type is well known for its small footprint, making it ideal for working in a small garage.

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Big Red Bottle Jacks Using

Why Torin Big Red Jacks?

When you put a Torin Big Red Jacks in your shop, you’ll recognize the difference immediately. Our car jack offerings include floor jacks, bottle jack,  jack stands and transmission jack. And at Torin, we take care of the little things in order to make sure our jacks are simply the best in the world. A Bigred car jack boasts thicker columns, wider base plates, longer runways and better-gripping rise platforms than our competition. That takes care of your jack’s structure, but just as important are the jack components. Our aircraft-quality wire ropes, sheaves and axles are often over-engineered to withstand 600 – 800% ​more than the jack’s rated weight capacity. Each car jack comes standard with built-in safety devices that other companies don’t even consider. And, more accessories and adapter kits ensure your machines run longer with minimal operator maintenance.




4355 E. Brickell Street Ontario, California