How To Use A Floor Jack Safely and Correctly?

How To Use A Floor Jack Safely and Correctly?

What is a Floor Jack?

The floor jack is a repair tool to raise the flat tire of a car or truck safely. Floor jacks usually have four wheels. This is to facilitate the movement. Because most car owners find it difficult to lift and move it in garages or cramped spaces, it usually has a very long handle to facilitate sliding the device under the vehicle. There is no need to get yourself under the car, especially when you need to change a flat tire on the side of the road.

How do Floor Jacks Work?

Its main design is to use a large cylinder assembly, which contains hydraulic oil. Another important component is the manual piston pump, which uses the hydraulic system’s power to lift heavy objects. This is achieved through a set of rocker mechanism. The handle operates the rocker mechanism itself. The handle is connected to the release device. If you turn the handle counterclockwise, you will open the hydraulic valve. But if you turn the handle clockwise, you will close the valve.

How to Use a Floor Jack Safely?

Usually, the priority for changing tires on the road is safe, not a flat tire. Before you start, park the car, preferably on a flat road, with all the wheels aligned, and then use the emergency brake. Please wear a yellow reflective vest and place a tripod with emergency signs 10 meters behind the car for added safety. 

When you are ready to lift the car, slide the floor jack under the car, ensuring that the jack saddle is below the recommended lifting point. This information will be in your owner’s manual. Using a jack anywhere other than the designated lift points could damage your car and be unsafe.

After the jack is installed in the right place, turn the handle of the floor jack clockwise to close the hydraulic valve. Pump the handle up and down to activate the piston, which uses hydraulic oil to lift the car. Then It will lift the car slowly.

After replacing the flat tire or completing the repair, slowly lower the car. The first thing you need to do is turn the handle counterclockwise, releasing the hydraulic valve. Remember, floor jacks are often greasy. Hands may slip and fall during operation. Grasp the handle tightly and turn it slowly to prevent the car from falling rapidly.

This is a good practice when changing tires. Before you lower the vehicle, tighten the tire bolts. Even if the floor jack fails or the car drops quickly due to improper operation, the car will not fall violently because the newly inflated tires can help break the fall down.


How To Choose The Floor Jack For Your Car?

How To Choose The Floor Jack For Your Car?

Since there are many types of floor jacks on the market, it is normal sometimes for users to be confused about which jack to buy. Therefore, the first starting point is to be clear about the purpose for which it will be used. It is also the main reason for how to choose the floor jack?

This will help lock the correct jack after the purpose is clear. For example, there are floor jacks, which are used to replace life tires from cars. These are basic models, so they may not be suitable for lifting bulky and heavier goods, such as cars as a whole, finished goods in a warehouse, and more.

It’s important to choose the right type

There are basically two options when it comes to floor jacks. You can choose hydraulic jacks or pneumatic jacks. Both of these jacks have their own unique properties. When used in warehouses and other places, hydraulic jacks are always a better choice.

The weight you will handle also has a big effect when a person is a jack. They are available in different sizes and specifications, and you may need to do some research and perform due diligence procedures before accepting one.

Be sure to choose branded floor jacks

Although there can be unbranded jacks, and they can be sold at much lower prices, it makes more sense to choose branded jacks. This is because their quality will be better.And more importantly, the service standards will be better.

It can meet the specific needs and requirements of customers. It is also important to decide between the trolley jack and the scissors jack. Although the main goal is the same, there are some basic differences that must be considered before the money.

Trolley jacks are very popular because they are easy to move. On the other hand, when one chooses scissors jacks, they can be very useful when there is a need to lift heavier weights and longer heights.