Torin Hydraulic Big Red 2 Ton Bottle Jack 4,000 lb Capacity


  • Hydraulic bottle jacks are designed for residential and commercial use; serrated, heat-treated saddle provides large lift area and secure grip.
  • Lifts range from 7-1/8″ to 13-5/8″ and has a capacity of 2 tons (4 lbs); adjustable screw top extension for added versatility.
  • Designed with drop forged alloy steel construction for high quality and durability; internal/external welded construction provides leak-free performance.
  • Skid-type pressure pump designed to lift with minimal force; integrated built-in oil bypass and overload valve protect hydraulic system from exceeding limits.
  • Meets ASME PASE safety standards, includes 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.
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Big Red 2 Ton Bottle Jack Feature:


1,Torin BIG RED T90203B Hydraulic Bottle Jacks are designed for residential and commercial use. Using industrial welding and workmanship, the low-forged alloy steel construction is ideal for quality and durability. Internal/external welded construction and steel construction will keep your bottle leak free and make it stronger overall.

2,The fully welded construction is designed for high strength commercial use, making it easy to lift large loads. A wide, sturdy base adds stability and strength. Lift range is 7-1/8 inches to 13-5/8 inches, 2 ton (4 lb) capacity. It features a high-quality sliding action pressure pump designed to lift with minimal muscle and effort, and has built-in oil bypass and overload valves that protect the hydraulic system from exceeding its travel limits.

3,Hydraulic uses high quality oil that provides better corrosion resistance and high/low temperature flexibility, allowing the unit to operate between 4.4°F to 40.6°F. The piston pull arm uses a Y-type polyurethane sealing ring with a backup ring to prevent the load from falling slowly. This powerful finish is ideal for lifting cars, trucks, SUVs, farm vehicles, heavy machinery and industrial equipment.

4,It can also be used in military applications, industry and environments where equipment is heavily abused. This unit is 100% factory tested to ensure reliability and safety to ASME PASE safety standards. The manufacturer’s limited warranty is 1 year.


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Package: 1 X Big Red 2 Ton Bottle Jack