Big Red Aluminum Floor Jack, Torin 1.5 Ton (3000 lb)Capacity


  • Lightweight racing jack that weighs only 26.87 pounds
  • Saddle height is only 3.35 inches (about 8.9 cm), easy to store in small places
  • 4 pumps with jack fully extended to 14.76″
  • Double-sided handle design, easy to operate
  • 3,000 lbs
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Big Red Aluminum Floor Jack Feature:


1,The Torin 1.5 Ton Aluminum Racing Jack has a lifting capacity rated at 3,000 pounds and a saddle height of only 3.35 inches, making it easy to store in small spaces.

2,It comes equipped with a rubber pad to prevent marring, a saddle that rotates a full 360 degrees, and dual side grip handles to make maneuvering and positioning the jack a much easier task.

3,The two-piece handle has a machined non-slip knurled area to keep your hands from slipping while lifting your vehicle. This jack has a lifting range of 3.35 inches to 14.6 inches.


Package: 1  X Big Red Aluminum Floor Jack